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Pupil Premium

Leighton Academy Pupil Premium

We aim for our Pupil Premium and other pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and academic ability and achievement to ensure they reach their potential in all aspects of their life.

Through the holistic approach we use, this will enable each to access the programmes and support from staff and other agencies to empower them to progress. The investment in training for all staff will support the continuity of experience, support their well-being and through targeted interventions they will achieve and be the best they can be.

The range of intervention and support programmes will allow all of our pupils to access specific programmes of support which will be focused on their specific areas for development.

The focus on transferable knowledge and skills will support the pupils as they progress through school and prepare them for future education, training and life. We recognise the importance of well being and equipping our pupils with the strategies, perseverance and resilience to manage life challenges and experiences. Through the multi-faceted approach we endeavour to give all our pupils positive and successful experiences. 

Our strategy will combine the use of trusted, successful intervention programmes, staff training to ensure there is high quality teaching and support and access to a knowledge and vocabulary rich environment to stimulate their learning and interactions.

As part of our provision for Pupil Premium (PP) eligible pupils we implement a range of experiences, interventions and assessments to support their learning these include:

  • Speech and language specialist 1to1 and group sessions and assessments.
  • Talking partners/boost and narrative therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Specialist TA 1to1 and small group interventions
  • Meemo working memory intervention
  • Young writers project
  • Continuation with existing provisions including specialist teachers and therapists.
  • Music lessons.
  • Commando Joe’s – to offer team building, resilience, confidence and enjoyment that the children can apply across their lives.
  • Reading recovery and O3 reading programmes
  • Kiva
  • Play therapy
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Staff training to deliver intervention programmes
  • Development of the green room and staffing to support pupils emotionally.

Please see pupil premium infomation below for impact of funding.


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