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Year 4


  Year 4
  Mr Emes 4E              Mrs Johnson 4J


Other familiar faces to our classrooms
Mrs Prince, Miss Oakley and Miss Rutherford

4E Class Councillor: Leigh Caccamo-Turner      Deputy: Demi-Leigh Willcox

4J Class Councillor: Jake Clarke                        Deputy: Grace Daly

4E Sports Councillors: Emilia Sivori and Akar Zainal

4J Sports Councillors: Cory Turner and Gabriela Lusar

4E KiVa Ambassadors: Lucas Stevenson and Nevaeh Hawkey

4J KiVa Ambassadors: Anita Russell and Kieran Jones

Year 4 Spring Overview

What are we learning?


Spring 1

Spring 2


Spring 1

Spring 2


Power Maths

Multiplication and Division

Measure - Area


Power Maths

Fractions 1

Fractions 2




Sculpture, carving, shape and texture

Artist – Josiah Wedgwood





Arthur & The Golden Rope

Myth & Information Report


The Lost Happy Endings

Twisted Narrative

Persuasive letter

D and T


Alarms – Mechanisms and Electronics


Living Things and their Habitats


Animals, including Humans


All About Europe – In-depth country studies , including Greece and Ancient Greece (achievements and influences) In-depth Location Studies – Poland and Greece

Influences of Ancient Greece – which was the most influential?




Religious Education


What do different sacred texts teach about life and how they influence people?


What can people learn about Easter from the creative arts?








Paint a Picture

Effects and Patterns in Music

Musical Appreciation

‘Take the A Train’ – Duke Ellington

‘Wonderwall’ - Oasis

Personal Development


No Outsiders

Drugs and Alcohol - Alcohol


No Outsiders



Extended Family

Number Consolidation

My classroom (gender)

Items I need for school

Places in town

Compass directions

Packing a Case


Return to school: Wednesday, 5th January 2022IMPORTANT YEAR 4 DATES 

Edgmond Hall Residential: 16th -18th February 2022

Chester (Romans) School Trip: summer term

Swimming lessons: summer term 1

Multiplication Check: summer term 2


P.E. is now on Monday (handball) and Thursday (gymnastics) - please send your child into school wearing full PE kit but consider the weather and ensure they have extra layers for playtimes, and during the day.

Water bottles  
Please clean the bottle each evening and send in with fresh water daily - not juice.
This helps us adhere to current safety regulations.


Supporting your child’s learning

Our Year 4 webpage contains links and guidance to involve you in your child's school learning journey. We very much view you as our team. Without your support, our aims are harder to achieve. This can be done through practising times tables, spellings and reading together. 


We ask that children read for at least 30 minutes five times each week. Books sent home do not have to be completed all at once and we strongly encourage an equal amount of questioning, to ensure the text and vocabulary has been understood. If you are not sure how you can do this, please ask and look at this link .

We have added a document that contains recommended reads for Year 4 children.  We will continue to update this termly.  Please let us know if there is a book that your child has really enjoyed and wish to have added to this document.

We have found a website that contains a large number of book recommendations for all year groups.  It is called 'The Reader Teacher' and can be located at Please let us know what you think of the recommendations.

Remember that when your child has read a book that they can complete a reading comprehension quiz on Accelerated Reader
If you feel your child needs more books than given, please look at the Cheshire Libraries catologue of online books.  Membership will be required.

Reading Online


             eResources (

Mathletics and Online Platforms

Each week we ask that your child uses Mathletics and earns a certificate by gaining 1000+ points. Mathletics points are calculated from Monday to Monday so weekend working pays off. Some tasks may have been seen before, however repetition is vital for learning. Times Table Rockstars is also a great learning platform for practising times tables in time for the Multiplication Check in the summer term.





As well as looking out for spellings in our weekly email, by the end of Year 4 pupils are expected to read and spell the words listed below. Please give your child the best chance at learning these by choosing a few each week and practising how to read and spell these. The Year 1 and 2 Spelling List is also available to view in the Documents section at the bottom of this page.


T2 E 2088 2014 Curriculum Year 3 and 4 Spelling Word Mat

















Weekly Spellings week commencing 17.1.22

W/C 17th January 2022

Spelling rule: words ending in the suffix '-ture'

Group 1: temperature, moisture, adventure, mixture, feature, literature, posture

Group 2: nature, adventure, vulture, picture, capture, mature, fracture


Page Downloads Date  
Y34 Statutory Spelling List 16th Sep 2020 Download
Year 4 Sex and Relationships Plan 06th Aug 2020 Download
Year 1 and 2 spellings 31st Aug 2021 Download
Recommended reads for year 4s 17th Sep 2021 Download