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Welcome to Reception

Mrs Leigh, Miss Davies, Miss Mitchell, Miss Tarry, and Ms Dixon-Miller would like to wish you all a warm welcome to our reception classes.

Other familiar faces - Mrs Hyland and Miss Procter



Please keep the school updated if your child is absent, whatever the reason, so we can provide the correct support required.


I Did Nothing Today Poem – Meadows Nursery School

Our school values of 'work hard and be kind' are underpinned in every experience and learning opportunity that our reception classes provide.

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Reception Curriculum

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Summer School (1)



Overview Summer

Some of our focus texts this term include: 



Summer books 1

Summer books 2

Summer books 3




How can I help my child to learn?  


 You can support your child's reading by engaging with the resources in their book bag. Reading their school reading book with your child every day, recapping phonics sounds and reading story books. Your child has a bedtime book in their book bag too which they can change when you have read it. Please record in your childs reading journal so they can climb up the beanstalk!

Below are useful phonics websites;

We often use TopMarks for interactive games, take a look at the maths activities. 

At the bottom of this page take a look at our reading list, these are books that we will read with your child this year. The link below has many more recommended books!


More than anything, simply talk to your child.Talk about weather, daytime, nightime, road signs and street names. Talk about family - who is related to them. Talk about where they live - local places, buildings and landmarks, places you like to go together. Talk about likes and dislikes and why they have such likes or dislikes. Talk about things they see in the garden, pets, plants and natural things. 

  Talking children


What should my child bring to school?

- A named water bottle (please just fill with water).

- A named lunchbox (if required).

- Blue book bag, blue reading diary and reading books.

- Named waterproof coat, and gloves/hat for colder weather.

- A named sunhat (weather dependent) and sun cream if required (please try to ensure that this is applied before school).


Snack (milk and fruit) is provided during the day and the children will have access to their water bottles at all times.


Contact us: (Mrs Hughes - EYFS Lead) (Mrs Leigh RL -  Reception Class Teacher) (Miss Mitchell RS - Reception Class Teacher) (Miss Davies RS - Reception Class Teacher) (Miss Tarry- RS Teaching Assistant)


Thank you for your continued support.

The Reception Team

The Oaks National Academy

 Click on the icon to access The National Academy.

This is a continuing educational virtual online classroom that can be continued in the event of a full or partial school closure/lockdown.

Useful Websites

Popular Reading List for Reception Children