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Celebrating PE and School Sport at Leighton

A highlight of our PE calendar is the opportunity to come together and celebrate our sporting acheivements. Unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate as we would have liked this year but Mrs Holland and her team of Sports Leaders have put together a video to celebrate our sporting superstars!

A list of our 2020 awards

Award Sport Name/Class
Glyn Turner Award Football Indy/6E
Jo Young Award Football William/4A
Manager's Player Football Thomas/5A
Next year's Captain Football Jake/5S
Female Athlete of the Year Athletics Laura/6E
Male Athlete of the Year Athletics Brooklyn/6E
Lower KS2 Gymnast of the Year Gymnastics Aliyah/3S
Upper KS2 Gymnast of the Year Gymnastics Eva/6E
Swimmer of the Year Swimming Emily/6E
Swimmer of the Year Swimming Leon/6J
Dance achievement Award Dance Olivia/5S
Dance achievement Award Dance Nancy/4A
Netballer of the Year Netball Carol Ann/6E
RL Sports Personality General Shaun/RL
RH Sports Personality General Molly/RH
1D Sports Personality General Joseph/1D
1R Sports Personality General Jessica/1R
2P Sports Personality General Jake/2P
2S Sports Personality General Izzy/2S
3S Sports Personality General Harry/3S
3M Sports Personality General Amelia/3M
4B Sports Personality General Sophia/4B
4S Sports Personality General Eva/4S
4A Sports Personality General Jacob/4A
5S Sports Personality General Max/5S
5A Sports Personality General Thomas/5A
5B Sports Personality General Joshua/5B
6J Sports Personality General Brody/6J
6E Sports Personality General Izzy/6E
School Colours General Lily/6E
School Colours General Kyle/6E