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Here at Leighton Academy, we aim to provide our children with a broad and bespoke art curriculum that allows them to challenge their skills whilst providing an opportunity to explore and discover their creativity and individuality. We plan our lessons and units inline with the National Curriculum objects and take inspiration from various artists, craft-makers and cultures. We aim not only to meet the curriculum objectives, but to prepare our children for opportunities and experiences for later in life. We want the children to see how art has changed the world and developed throughout history. We encourage the children to develop their own original thoughts and judgements as well as their artistic skills through quality first teaching. Throughout our curriculum, the children are able to explore their newly learned skills to create a final piece. By giving the children more creative freedom, we aim to continue building on their skills and the children’s love for art. 1 2 3 5



The curriculum is implemented differently across the Key Stages to reflect the children’s needs:

In EYFS, children learn through expressive art and design. This takes place through indoor and outdoor provision. Some group and whole-class activities take place which can be seen on the app ‘Tapestry’. These art and design activities are based on the children’s interests and events.

In KS1 and KS2, we follow the National Curriculum objects and plan units of lessons that focus on 7 main processes. These lessons take place in sketchbooks in KS1 and KS2. These processes are revisited throughout the children’s primary careers to continue to develop and build upon the related skills. These processes are: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printing, textiles and digital media. The formal elements are discussed and taught throughout each unit. Each of our termly units have a main artist focus and process that is developed over a series of lessons to create a final piece. Our final pieces are then evaluated to encourage the children to think critically about their own work. There are some cross-curricular links, such as textiles, that are visited in other subjects ensuring that there is a full coverage of our processes. Teachers follow a progression of skills and vocabulary map which ensures that all children are appropriately challenged inline with their year group expectations whilst building on prior knowledge through retrieval activities.



- The children are provided with the foundations for expressive arts and design through the EYFS curriculum.

- The children will have creative freedom to explore their own skill set, creativity and individuality.Img 4961

- The children will be challenged to think critically about their own and other’s work

- The children will be exposed to and understand high quality vocabulary to discuss their own and other’s work

- The children will have developed their artistic skills to be able to confidently use the 7 processes.

- The children will be able to show an appreciation and passion for a variety of artistic styles, movements and cultures.

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