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Design and Food Technology (DT)


Intent - What are we trying to achieve with our DT curriculum? 

‘What is Design & Food Technology?’ is a question that has been asked to Leighton pupils aged from reception through to year 6. In recent years, the delivery of this subject across the school has enabled children to give the following answers: 

“Cutting up fruit and being healthy” _ Year 1 

“Drawing a design that you can follow” - Year 2 

“Making a vehicle that moves for Bentley” -Year 2 

“Learning to do a backstitch and running stitch to make a pencil case” - Year 3 

“Problem solving when your product doesn’t work” - Year 4 

“Cooking and becoming a chef like Jamie Oliver” - Year 4 

“Working in a team to plan, make and test something useful like an alarm system” - Year 4 

“Researching. We had to test which materials would float or sink before designing our long boat for the Vikings” - Year 5 

“Following a process like researching, designing, making, testing and evaluating products” -Year 6 

“Making something that works and has a purpose” - Year 6 

Children at Leighton Academy will have the opportunity to obtain and develop new skills in areas of our broad DT curriculum such as structures, textiles, food technology, electronics and mechanisms. Design and Food Technology is present in many careers now and more so in the future and so we believe that it is important to introduce these careers through our DT units. We follow the National Curriculum for DT and make cross curricular links where possible. Here at Leighton, we have high expectations of all children and believe that everyone can achieve through our practical, enjoyable, purposeful DT curriculum.

Implementation - How do we deliver our DT curriculum at Leighton? 

The curriculum is implemented differently across the Key Stages to reflect the needs of the children: 

  • In EYFS, pupils learn through ‘Understanding the World’. This is completed through indoor and outdoor provision as well as small group and whole class inputs. Learning follows the children’s interests, topical events and structured opportunities. 
  • In KS1 and KS2, children will research, explore, design, make, test and evaluate products in each key areas such as structures, textiles, food technology, electronics and mechanisms.

Impact - What difference is DT curriculum making to our pupils? 


Pupils will have a clear idea of who they are designing and making products for, considering their needs, wants, values, interests and preferences. The intended users could be themselves or others, an imaginary or story-based character, a client, a consumer or a specific target group.   


Pupils will be able to clearly communicate the purpose of the products they are designing and making. Each product they create will be designed to perform one or more defined tasks. Pupils’ products will be evaluated through use.   


Pupils will design and make products that work/function effectively in order to fulfil users’ needs, wants and purposes. In D&T, it is insufficient for children to design and make products which are purely aesthetic.   

Design Decisions   

Pupils need opportunities to make their own design decisions. Making design decisions allows pupils to demonstrate their creative, technical and practical expertise, and use learning from other subjects. When making design decisions pupils decide on the form their product will take, how their product will work, what task or tasks it will perform and who the product will be for.  


When designing and making, pupils need some scope to be original with their thinking. Projects that encourage innovation lead to a range of design ideas and products being developed and are characterised by engaging open-ended starting points for learning.   


Pupils will design and make products that are believable, real and meaningful to themselves and others.   

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