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Intent – What are we trying to achieve with our Geography curriculum?

At Leighton Academy we aim to give our children a geography curriculum which enables them to become independent, creative and confident learners.  We would like our children to take the skills and knowledge they acquire in geography, and apply them in other subjects and in a variety of situations.  All the staff at our school intend to broaden children’s real-life experiences inside and outside of the school environment through educational visits, visitors, experimentation and discovery.  Our dedicated staff hope to deliver a curriculum that reflects our children’s heritages, expands their horizon and enables them to become forward thinkers when considering the wider world.  Through geographical learning we would like the children at Leighton to become accountable citizens, understanding their role in protecting our world and environment.  Secure in the knowledge that they can contribute to positive change and development as they grow.


Implementation – How do we deliver our Geography curriculum?    

At Leighton Academy, we follow the National Curriculum programme for Geography.  It is our ambition to ensure cross curricular links are discretely made across all subject areas to encourage retrieval.  We would like to equip our children with adequate subject knowledge to speak with confidence about each area of geographical study.  At Leighton Academy we embrace outdoor learning and immerse our children in the natural world by allowing them to explore the world around them in a safe and meaningful way.


In Geography children focus on:

  1. Location – outdoor learning and discovery using the school grounds    


  1. Human geographyUnderstand, analyse and make sense of the natural world.
  • Physical geographyexplore, enquire and debate.             11
  • Map skillsorienteering, map reading, direction and planning.     

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  • Field work - both local and further afield to broaden our children’s horizons

Impact – What difference is our curriculum making to our pupils?

At Leighton Academy geography lessons are engaging, inspiring, and provide the children with the skills required to equip them with the essential skills needed for the next stage of their education.



  • Our curriculum is designed to provide geographical learning ladders to success and to encourage children to become confident learners.
  • Our children are taught to observe, question and make sense of the world around them.
  • The children at Leighton know and understand how important it is to protect our planet.
  • Through extra-curricular activities the children have the opportunity to extend their knowledge and become independent thinkers.
  • Our children are provided with opportunities to continually develop geographical skills throughout their primary years.
  • Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of children of all abilities and backgrounds and provide them with opportunities to achieve well in Geography through a clear and consistent approach
  • All our children are given the opportunity to explore the wider world through visits and residentials.
  • Our Geography curriculum is designed and delivered to enrich the lives of all our children and to encourage our children to become curious about the natural world.