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Intent – What are we trying to achieve with our Music curriculum?

At Leighton Academy, we believe that all children should receive a broad Music education which includes performing, composing, listening, reviewing, and evaluating. Music is a practical, creative subject which can be of benefit to all children in developing imagination, the ability to listen attentively, and the ability to express personal thoughts and feelings. In addition, Music can help to develop coordination, teamwork skills and a better understanding of our own and other people’s cultures. Here at Leighton, we follow the Love Music Trust Scheme of Work for Music and make cross curricular links where possible.

Implementation – How do we deliver our Music curriculum?

The Music Curriculum at Leighton is taught by the Class Teacher or Music Specialist using the Love Music Trust Scheme of work. The chosen units often link with other topics during each term and ensure progression throughout each year.

In addition to this, EYFS children receive further opportunities through ‘Expressive Arts and Design’. Children have access to Music through indoor and outdoor provision, small group and whole class activities, and wider opportunities following the child’s interest or topical events. In EYFS, Nursery Rhyme week is a key event that takes place each year enabling children to sing daily and explore a variety of musical activities.

At Leighton, children in Year 4 will all learn Folk Music as part of the Wider Opportunities scheme. We aim to ensure all children are introduced to live Music through visiting musicians and educational visits to live shows. Instrumental tuition is provided by The Love Music Trust, Music for Life and Rocksteady.

We believe that every child has an entitlement to Music and encourage children to participate in a variety of musical activities and clubs. We provide opportunities for all children to sing daily through our song of the week and to listen to and appreciate different styles and genres of music through our termly listening activities.  We teach children the skills of recognising, commenting, and reflecting on the Inter-related dimensions of Music - pulse, pitch, rhythm, timbre, dynamics and texture in Music. We also utilise additional resources provided by Love Music Trust and Rocksteady. During home learning, the children thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Feel good Friday’ sessions provided by Rocksteady. The sessions enabled continuous access to Music for children at home during this difficult time and maintained a positive attitude towards this subject.

Impact – What difference is our curriculum making to our pupils?

At Leighton Academy, we aim to provide high quality teaching of Music to ensure that we encourage children to be confident in their skills, ensuring progression through the school.

By the end of their time at Leighton, we ensure that children are able to:

• Enhance their musical knowledge and develop their musical awareness, eventually being able to perform with confidence and enjoyment.

• Explore musicians and develop an appreciation for a variety of musical styles.

• Practise and play a wide variety of instruments.

• Leave school with an understanding of notation and be able to create their own pieces of music.

• Build their sense of selves by working collaboratively, with perseverance and resilience.

• Create a foundation for a love of music that can be continued into high school and beyond.

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