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Our Vision: Inclusive education, promoting community cohesion to prepare young people and adults for life as global citizens.

No Outsiders is a scheme for schools that aims to promote inclusive education. In an ever-changing global landscape, it is vital that we improve community cohesion and prepare young people for life in a diverse society whereby they will meet people from all walks of life. 

This is achieved through the use of texts that link to a range of aims and activities that children complete in their Personal Development lessons. These stimulate discussions within our classrooms around diversity in society and how we can ensure that we are inclusive of others. We also cover a range of additional texts in our assemblies. 

Please find below an overview of the units that we teach in each year group and how they progress as children get older. Feel free to have discussions with your children at home around the learning objective we are focussing on each half-term. 

Subject Documents Date  
No Outsiders Texts 07th Jun 2021 Download