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Let's Go Zero!


Let's Go Zero

Our Mission

Leighton Academy is one of the 1,175 (so far) schools that have signed up to the ‘Let’s Go Zero’ national campaign. Let’s Go Zero 2030 unites schools working to become carbon zero by 2030. It is a huge challenge, but transforming our schools will help safeguard the planet for the future. By working together with teachers, pupils, parents and other schools, our aim is to reach the very important goal to be zero carbon by 2030. In order to achieve this goal, we are currently putting together an action plan for our school which the whole community will be able to get involved in (a. During the rest of the school year, we are hoping to begin some exciting activities and launch our contribution to the national campaign. In the meantime, if you would like to have a further look into the campaign, the website has some great information!

Switch-off Campaign

As part of our Let's Go Zero action plan, we are taking part in a switch-off campaign. For this, both the staff and the children are in charge of monitoring the electricity use during the school day to prevent any electrical devices being left on when they are not being used. School council representatives have also been given a task to make some surrounds for the sockets as regular reminders to SWITCH OFF. To promote this around the school, all year groups have taken part in designing their own posters to explain the purpose of the campaign. There were many fabulous entries to look at, so please see the whole school poster below!

Switch off poster image thumbnail

No-Mow Zone

We are going to create a no mow zone in order to increase biodiversity by producing more habitats for animals and insects. To create our no mow zone, we are going to plant lots of grass seeds and let them grow so that they can grow into a large area that is suitable for insects and animals. We will not let anybody cut the grass so that the habitats of the animals are safe!

Our no mow zone leaders are: Evie, Mia, Ryan and Alex. Here's what they have to say:

Evie: Our no mow zone is very important to us because we want to keep the insects living in their habitats.

Mia: Our no mow zone will give insects that have no home a nice place to live and thrive.

Ryan: Please can you respect the environment of the plants and insects.

Alex: Please don’t litter in our no mow zone because we are trying to let it grow and keep the insects safe.

No Mow Zone Posters

Work is currently underway to create our no mow zone! You will be able to find our no mow zone area next to the KS2 shed as you walk onto the KS2 playground.

Upcoming Events

  • On the 20th May, Key Stage 2 children will be taking part in a 'Source to Sea' afternoon. During this, the children will take part in multiple activities regarding litter in the ocean and how our local area connects to the sea. The children will then be planning their own local campaign!
  • At some point this year, we are hoping to take part in a workshop delivered by WaterAid!
  • Also, school council representatives and members of the Let's Go Zero club will be leading their own environmental project!