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Leighton 1

Reading at Leighton

At Leighton Academy we aim to:

  • enable our pupils to read confidently, fluently, accurately and with understanding and enjoyment.
  • teach pupils to employ a full range of reading cues - phonic, graphic, syntactic, contextual - to monitor, correct and make sense of their own reading, whilst using phonics as the transition into independent reading.
  • foster an interest in words and their meanings and to gain an appreciation of books from a variety of genres and media (fiction, non-fiction, reading scheme books, ‘real’ books, e-books, newspapers etc.)
  • foster a love of different types of literature, to read with enjoyment and be able to evaluate and justify preferences.
  • develop a suitable technical vocabulary through which pupils can understand and discuss their reading.
  • develop reading skills alongside those of writing, so that pupils may become literate adults and readers for life.
  • create a variety of reading opportunities across all areas of the curriculum.