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Primary Geography Quality Mark Gold

This year, the academy have been awarded with the Primary Geography Quality Mark Gold. The moderation team have highlighted a number of notable aspects and strengths including the strong prominence that Geography has across the school. Pupils compare and contrast localities effectively and locational knowledge and understanding is a central part of the Geography curriculum.

All year groups have the opportunity to undertake field work activities which develop and progress as pupils move through school. ICT is well used to support teaching and learning and allows access to 'virtual fieldwork' to support pupils' knowledge and understanding of places.

Pupils learn about their local area and have considered the role of the KS2 scheme and how this will impact the local area. The school engages in many projects, such as meaningful maps, to develop and raise prominence of the subject. Pupils' views are listened to and they contribute to planning their own learning. This ensures a relevant and vibrant curriculum for Geography is in place.

Extensive and well developed links exist between the school and wider partners to enrich and broaden the curriculum. The moderators stated that the pupils clearly benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum that encourages learning through experiences.

The moderators have given the academy some targets to work towards which will help to develop and strengthen the curriculum offer further. These include; extending and developing a range of maps and atlases to increase challenge, contributing to an article in the Primary Geography Journal to share good practice and strengthening transition work from key stage 2 to key stage 3 in the context of geographical projects.

In addition to this, we have introduced a pupil leadership group with a specific geography focus. Our environmental officers will focus on recycling this year.